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There is an old saying that goes; “ A good friend is the person you can call to bail you out of jail, a great friend is the person you call to help you bury the body.” While it may be an extreme version of the example, this is the type of discretion I feel we and those like us servicing the Small Business or “SB” marketplace need to have with each of our clients. Of course, it goes without saying that all clients are indeed entitled to this level of confidentiality, but I feel there is a special bond that we should work to establish with each SB client. Trust is something that needs to exist at this level like no other. I believe that working to build that trust is indeed paramount.

discretionHow to do it though? Well that’s another matter entirely as many won’t allow you to peer “behind the curtain” until they have that type of bond with you. It is indeed one of the oldest “catch.22” situations there is. You need this to properly service your client but you can’t get there until they trust you. The most significant tool at ones disposal for this, I believe, is discretion. By that I mean physically demonstrating to that client that you can know something and not repeat it. That you can be privy to their next sale or big ticket item and not allow those details to escape. It is this type of actual demonstration that I feel creates trust and aides in the development of a professional working environment that you all can enjoy. Many right now are saying “Duh!” but in this day and age of leaks, corporate espionage, and the internet, security of this type is indeed the most difficult thing to maintain. In the blink of an eye someone can take a photo or record even the smallest piece of paper with an idea or concept on it and in a heartbeat your idea or design or next big move or innovation is plastered all over for all to see.

While there may be no completely secure environment in 2016, I do believe that working to establishing and then working harder to maintain that level of trust is something we can all do a little more of as we work together to accomplish that oh so very common goal of getting that product, regardless of what it is, to the masses for their consideration. At the end of the day, how we have dealt with this issue will make our next morning a little easier to navigate.

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