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One of the questions I am most often asked is how we can make commercial spot production so affordable to small business? I say it is simple. “We take a no Frills approach to it”. Now I know there are some currently scratching their heads wondering what that means and asking themselves if that means we skimp on quality or a diminished factor regarding the client’s wishes when it comes to getting the desired message out there. I say No, it doesn’t. Why you ask? Simple. Yes, I know it is important to showcase that product or service but no one says you have to break the bank to do it. Taking advantage of simple tactics can be all you need to enhance a specific item in a simple way that will reach the intended target market or group. Often the small business market people I personally encounter tell me that they believe they can’t afford a video commercial spot. Largely because of the overall costs of production . My answer is always the same. “Yes, you can afford more than you might realize.” We just need to change the target and the way we intend to reach the goal. “ Bright House networks  in 2014 began a campaign that literally left vast amounts of  central Florida scratching it’s heads in woder as they began their “Hello friend.” billboard campaign because they invested time in creating something people wanted to discuss. The campaign proved successful.

Smaller businesses often have their ads managed by the owner. One of the most successful campaigns I had been a part of in recent memory was one for a company specializing in aftermarket parts for motorcycles. At the creative meeting they presented what they wanted to see and what they felt was the intended goal. We took it and ran with it keeping things simple and very succinct. You have to constantly change tactics in today’s marketplace. The web and other tools have turned even the smallest back room hobby into a global provider and yes, that means things are even more difficult because with that increased potential for revenue comes even greater increased competition.  Simply put, you encounter both clients and their customers who are bombarded on a nearly constant basis with offers for varying products and services. Both are educated on your product and both have the ability to simply pass over or ignore any ad you might create faster and with greater ease than ever before. I believe that a high impact message can be achieved by limiting focus and instead using multiple spots to bring a dynamic message. I also believe firmly in giving each client our complete focus and attention as they deserve and in today’s venue, that is somewhat difficult to do if you want to grow your business as it almost certainly will mean that you will need to grow  your business  in order to maintain that standard as your clients grow. But, I do also believe that concentration on building name/face recognition and product association should be the biggest goals of any intended message. Small business can accomplish this easier in many markets and situations simply because they have fewer employees and can isolate a specific face to a product or service. It may prove to be a lost art but it is more than effective . -M

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