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AvsvoMany don’t realize that you don’t always need a famous face to make a significant impact on your target market or existing customer base. “Sometimes, a familiar voice can have the same or even greater impact”. O.K. yes, I’ll admit that having Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones read that and offer it as an audible would have better made my point. However, you’re nothing if not a smart audience so I know you got the reference. Yes voice-over talent costs are often a mere fraction of the talent’s normal fees as they can often be obtained without incurring travel costs or inconveniencing the talent in any way. But the question remains? Which is better?

The answer while not an easy one to address is largely dependent on the product or services you areshowcasing in the commercial spot. If the product needs to be more visually showcased, you might want to front the increased expenses to have the talent demonstrate the spot based on the concept. However, if you don’t have a budget that can tolerate such costs, you can allow the product to showcase itself with only simple narration from the talent. Both means have their merits based on need and budgetary requirements. Pros and cons should always be listed in the pre-production phase, giving all of the interested parties room to explore options. Especially in circumstances where the talent may not be physically available for several months due to extended commitments. As the business owner, you should be able to use this simple formula to determine which is right for you.

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