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Can my Business really afford a commercial?

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TVS1I really wish I had a dollar for each time I have had this question posed to me. Many don’t understand the impact such a device can have in modern society. We have never been a more visually oriented society than we are at this moment in time. Today’s consumer is more informed than ever before and they want it “Now”. Yes, instant gratification is a bigger part of the process than it has ever been. Primarily with the 18-26 crowd. This demographic doesn’t know a time without the internet. Many, including me, believe that perception is everything in business. No matter how wonderful your product is, if you can’t build, and most importantly, retain the consumer’s trust. You won’t be open long. It is our belief that a small business will remain small until they establish that consumer confidence. One way to showcase products and establish that trust is to use video commercial spots.


Many hosting outlets for distribution will offer Commercial production as a means to keep the prospective client in house. And even more practice the “mark it up to mark it down” philosophy. Meaning that they will offer you supposed “free” production of your commercial in exchange for the purchase of an air schedule. Remember one of the very first rules that we learn in life and business whenever you hear that. “Nothing is free.” With all the advances in modern technology, Commercial Production has never been more affordable. Brining your own, pre-produced Commercial puts you the Small Business owner is a very advantageous position with your media buyer/ broker . Any discounted rates or rates you are being shown will be genuine in nature and your position will carry more weight. You don’t need to spend tens of thousands to produce a commercial with impact that can carry your message both today and tomorrow. While there are various cost determining factors to consider, a reasonable campaign can be had in today’s marketplace without breaking the bank. So with all the possibilities, the cliché has never been more true…Can you really afford not to have one? -M

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