Vignettes — January 19, 2015 12:02 am

Localizing the hiring focus.

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Now-Hiring-LIt’s no secret that the success of the Vignette project and other avenues of this business depend on the talent. For longer than I care to admit, we have not had much success with local talent recruitment and instead have been giving work to Folks in the Tampa and Orlando metropolitan areas. This was a method that proved itself successful for a number of years. Recently, after a brief experiment with social media, we were shown that there are literally hundreds of ladies right here in our own backyard that we may be overlooking because our recruitment efforts haven’t traditionally been focused on Lakeland and the surrounding area. Knowing the cost of living for young people and the pressure for job vacancies, we thought it best to “pay it forward” and make more of an attempt in our own backyard so we  have decided to concentrate our efforts for talent recruitment to a limited and local focus  in the form of a (cash reward) referral program in an effort to gain more of a local base for the vignette program as well as local commercial spot advertising unless otherwise requested by the client in an attempt to put local faces with local business. Beginning February 1, 2015 we will be discontinuing active recruitment efforts and will instead require a direct referral from an existing employee . We are attaching a cash bonus paid directly to the referring employee upon completion of the first shoot. While new prospective  models and talent won’t be turned away, they will be encouraged to seek out an existing employee for a referral. It is our hope that this will increase our local talent base by an estimated 40% over a one year period while reducing the “No Call-No Show” occurrences by attaching an element of accountability not previously realized. These efforts coupled with the possibilities of the Open Water SCUBA Certification program are expected to grow the open water and local filming units allowing for additional expansion at a time when others are reducing numbers. It is important to note that the new referral program only applies to Local commercial applications, and the Vignette Program. National and other Union based (SAG-AFTRA) projects will remain in the hands of the casting agencies.

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