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Becomming more “Socially” acceptable

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In the larger scheme of things I get a lesson almost daily in all that I still have to learn about this industry and business as a whole. For longer than I care to admit, we have been told that I should let the folks who REALLY keep things running smoothly around here have more control of the social media outlets so that we make the most of them. It seems that there isn’t a day that goes by when people aren’t asking me why we don’t do more with them or offering the services of someone who can help us make the most of them. Well I have seen through others that we should be doing more with them, but just how much more? it’s no secret that I look back constantly at our humble beginnings and believe whole heartedly in the words of Robert DeNiro as Jack Byrnes in the film “Meet the Fockers”;
” If I can see where you came from, I’ll have a much better idea of where you’re going…”
Growth and expansion have always been a double edged sword where this company are concerned as they are a blessing for the future of the company and for the people who make things happen here. But the task of “keeping the momentum” generally falls to me . I don’t mind it but discovering new clients has always been difficult for me as I feel the best advertising is of course “Word of mouth” and that’s why it remains my favorite form of advertising.
However, we can not ignore the impact that social media has and will continue to have on the current marketplace so we should make the most of the outlets at our disposal. for many years I would yell at others to quit dragging their feet and walk into the (then) 20th century. Now it seems that I find my own heels firmly implanted in the mud. Well…time to put up as I have no intention of shutting up!

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